Panties and Bras






Now that both Dorgdid and Fwascren were in the initial phases of organizing girls' volleyball associations in the image of  Gvagma, the Girls' Volleyball Association of Greater Mecnita, I had begun to perceive that a kingdomwide association was needed, as it would become complicated if Gvagma had to deal separately with a number of other associations more or less coequal in rank. "Let Gvagma be an umbrella organization covering any and all girls' volleyball associations," I thought to myself, "Then let the associations in Dorgdid, Fwascren and any other cities that might join in the future be divisions of Gvagma."

Our kingdom, the Kingdom of Ung, covers the entire planet of Nya. Nya is pronounced as in the sequence on yachts, y having its usual consonantal value, with a as in Italian. In Nuu, it is in the rising-falling tone, which we call the fifth tone and which is not represented in Chinese. The word Nyatic is a pseudo-English word I have invented as a relative adjective, i.e., one meaning pertaining to or relative to Nya, and should be pronounced to rhyme with sciatic, or dyadic, if you voice your intervocalic t's. So sometimes I used Nyaticization as a synonym for nationalization, inasmuch as our nation and our planet are one and the same. By nationalization I mean, not making (a body or agency) an arm of the government, but rather giving (a body or agency) exclusive, though private, rights throughout the realm. Eventually Nyaticization came to refer only to the nationalization of Gvagma. It was a rallying call for those who favored Mecnita's primacy in girls' volleyball.

Cissi's Intimates, the chain of apparel stores that I had founded independently of Gvagma, but was now intimately linked to Gvagma, with 2200 stores in Greater Mecnita, had just won a franchise to open 10 stores in Dorgdid. If the chain should prove as successful in Dorgdid as it had been in Mecnita, we might be able to anticipate 600 or more stores there eventually. Greater Mecnita had a population of 350,000,000, while Greater Dorgdid had a population of 100,000,000.

I was apprehensive about bringing up the subject of Gvagma as an umbrella organization with Vranquelli, the mayoress of Dorgdid, because I had been talking as if Gvagdo, the Girls' Volleyball Association of  Greater Dorgdid, would be another Gvagma-like association, autonomous and independent. Now I was changing my mind, it might seem, by espousing the idea that Gvagdo become a division of Gvagma instead. Perhaps Vranquelli would resent this, as if I had been aiming at a worldwide girls' volleyball dictatorship. So I explained the whole thing to Ellennamandia, asking her to broach the subject tactfully, delicately and gradually with Vranquelli, so that we might get a preview of the response she'd make. Fortunately for us, Vranquelli was amenable to making Gvagdo part of Gvagma, providing that Dorgdid be allowed to participate in playoffs in Mecnita. This was a reasonable request certainly. This outcome was felicitous, for now I could seek the same arrangement with Fwascren to start with, instead of offering complete equality at first, and then reneging, as I had done with Dorgdid.

I contacted Rubia as soon as I had the answer from Ellennamandia, instructing her about how to go about making the proposal to Ezmit, the mayoress of Fwascren, and the very same day, I got an optimistic assessment from Rubia, who had already talked it over with Ezmit, finding her agreeable. I brought the matter up before the Royal Council of Ung a few days later. Ajinblambia and the Geese all liked the new plan, and told me to go ahead. One of them must have contacted Obscont, for the day after the meeting, Obscont's headline read: DORGDID AND FWASCREN WILL JOIN GVAGMA. The subtitle read: WILL SISSY RUN WORLD VOLLEYBALL?

As I mentioned earlier in this chronicle, for a brief while in year '394 there was a team called the Eldor Junior Geese, primarily for girls 8 to 12 years old. Among the teammates were Endria, Julgana, Arepi, Umaria and Jina. Because I was handicapping the performance of the Eldor Geese, Ajinblambia proposed that we add a clone. Now there would be the Eldor Senior Geese and the Eldor Junior Geese. I was transferred to the Eldor Junior Geese with all the young girls, while Riya replaced me on the Eldor Senior Geese, whereupon they went on an unprecedented winning streak. It had been terribly embarrassing to play with all the young girls, but the spectators whooped with merriment to see me, 70 inches tall with 18-inch horns, among girls 54 to 60 inches tall. Jina was absolutely the best player on our team, though she was only eight years old. I was probably the worst, but everyone was too polite to say as much. Once Dhabbi had quipped, "Sissy, why don't you pay more attention to Jina, and try to be like her?"

Now, one day in year '400, who should appear unexpectedly at my office in Gvagma Tower, but Jina, the captainess of the Eldor Junior Geese? I didn't even recognize her she had grown and matured so much. She had a gorgeous figure, with a full bosom, broad hips and a slender waist. She had long lustrous hair, with bright red nails and lips. When she had identified herself, I rushed over and embraced her, kissing her passionately on the mouth. She was only 14, but it had still been 6 long years since she and I had played together on the Junior Geese. "Incredible," I thought, "that six years ago she was already better than I at volleyball!" Now she wanted to play in Gvagma, but being only 14, would not be allowed to play, whereas I was the High Maid of all Gvagma's 2000 teams. Go figure! The irony of it all!

I put my hands on the back of her shoulders, in the manner of someone about to advise or explain. Then I let my hands slide down past her waist, and come to rest on her buttocks, where I drummed my fingers playfully for a couple of minutes. I told her her age would prevent her from joining Gvagma for the next year and a half or so, but as a consolation, I offered her a job in Gvagma Tower, which she took enthusiastically. It was a part-time job, as she was still attending high school at Luvra School in Ceod.

In those particular days, I had not stopped reporting to Ajinblambia's bedchamber every morning for our three-hour sessions, during which I bathed and dressed her. I had utilized this period also for taking notes on Ajinblambia's life and times, to put into my biographical trilogy of her. Now that those books were published and in circulation, bathing and dressing proceeded in a more leisurely fashion. As I mentioned, at one time I had used a sponge to bathe Ajinblambia, but eventually found that it was more convenient for me just to use my lips and tongue. I would fill a bowl with lotion, liquid soap, oils and perfume, usually with peppermint flavoring, and I'd blend them into a smooth fragrant unguent. Then lapping up mouthfuls, I would apply it directly to her skin, kissing and massaging with my tongue. I would do her shoulders and then her bosom, which was so full that it would take half an hour to bathe the whole area, especially if I stopped to nurse at her teats for a while. Then I would do her midriff . Next I would do her broad hips, lapping up mouthful after mouthful of the unguent and spreading it generously over the beautifully protrusive abdomen. This was usually followed by an hour of cunnilingus, which we both loved to distraction. Finally, I would do her legs and feet, then pat her dry.
In earlier years, Ajinblambia had had some trouble with her stockings. She did not like pantyhose, for if she got a run, it was a bother changing. She would have to go into a private place, and half-undress to change. So she had begun to wear stockings, which were held in place by stocking holders in the legs of a panty girdle or body-shaper, or on suspenders from a garter belt or bustier. Sometimes though, a stocking would slip out of the holder, which she found annoying. So I invented a special tool, like a pair of pliers, that would punch a hole in the double thickness just below the top of a stocking and press in place around the hole a small plastic grommet, like a miniature of a grommet in a duffel bag. So there'd be three or four grommeted holes around the top of each stocking. Through each of these, I would draw a knittle, that is, a silken drawstring sewn to the hem of her panties, tying a little bow. In this way it was virtually impossible for the stocking to come loose. The stockings did not run at the grommet, because the grommet tool injected a bit of paste to prevent such a thing. I was actually awarded letters patent for my grommet set, and I also offered grommet sets at Cissi's, where someone would demonstrate the entire procedure. Of course, buttonholes would work admirably too, but installing a buttonhole was more time-consuming. I offered some stockings with buttonholes for sale at Cissi's, and they proved popular too. I thought of taking an opinion sample to see whether the general public preferred grommets to buttonholes, or vice versa. I know this sounds like a detail of the most trivial nature possible, but when you have 2200 stores that sell stockings, these trifles do begin to matter.

Ajinblambia had directed me to have ready each morning two identical brassieres and two identical pairs of panties, but of different sizes, mine and hers. My first step would be to put my bra and my panty on myself, conducting a little fashion show, by walking around gracefully so that Ajinblambia could see how they looked. If she liked them, I would put her bra and her panty on her, with the result that we almost always wore matching lingerie. As I drew up her panties, I'd apply a little more unguent to her vulval region with my lips and tongue, and I'd kiss her nipples passionately with more unguent as I put her in her bra. This bra had no underwire, stays, hooks-and-eyes or brassiere strap adjusters. It was all of a piece. So she had to step in and let me draw it over her hips, guiding her arms through the looped straps, with maybe one last kiss on each nipple, as I slipped the bra in place.

The bathing and dressing rituals, though very intimate and private, were not to be interpreted as romance or love-making. I had known Ajinblambia over 10 years, and we had developed a unique rapport. You have to bear in mind that this is Ung, where this kind of affectionate sorority is perfectly acceptable. I had the same sort of relationship, only more intense, with Zevanardia, my spouse and lover.

I told Zevanardia and Ezmeraudia about Jina's visit, and I was amazed to learn that Ezmeraudia had also attended Luvra School and knew Jina, who was four or five years younger than she. Coincidences like this are indeed unusual in a city of 100,000,000. Anyway, I invited Jina to come to Bo House for dinner one night, joining Zevanardia, Ezmeraudia and me. Suzi, my pet cockatoo, was perched nearby too, yipping and yapping psittacinely, but no one paid her much mind. We ate meatballs and spaghetti, with garlic bread, toasted and drenched in sweet butter. A goblet or two of dark red wine followed. Then we drank cups of tuco--Ung's supercoffee--with very chocolaty fudge ice cream.

Thanks to incomparable Mecnita Metro, Jina could come from Ceod to Ramdonia, nearly 50 miles, in 20 minutes or less, but still had to walk a mile from the station at 7 Ramdonia Circle to Gvagma Tower, when she reported for work on the 3 nights out of 10 she was on duty. I told her that she could stay with us at Bo House on those evenings, if she liked, as it was only three-quarters of a mile to Gvagma Tower and we had automated mini-cars. She accepted, and during her visits, we chatted merrily and played word games, with quizzes and puzzles. She slept with Ezmeraudia, who had a huge double bed, with comforters and pillows galore. You could hear the girls giggling, squealing and wrestling for about an hour before they went to sleep. I suppose there was a stolen kiss or two, but nothing further, because of Jina's tender age. After all, Ezmeraudia was a responsible, mature, level-headed young lady.

By day 350 everything was back to normal. I was playing volleyball, dancing, directing Gvagma, Gvagma Village and Cissi's, making Udi's panties and seeing to Ajinblambia's bath. It was a full, hectic day, but exciting and lovely. I was full of enthusiasm and joy, energy and zeal. Nunu had begun making little sentences in Nuu as well as Bhassa Pi'i, and the University of Mecnita was all atwitter at these glad tidings. Nunu was accounted a prodigy, but there was no way of knowing how much of her intelligence was inborn and how much conferred by treatment at the Child Development Department. Obscont carried dozens of articles on Nunu, and her name became a byword. People would say, of a highly intelligent child, "She's a Nunu!" I was proud as punch. Her I.Q. was in the 200+ range, but we would have to wait for two or three years to get the confirming retest scores that would finalize these early evaluations.

With 2200 stores open every day in our 418-day year, Cissi's Intimates provided 919,600 store-days per year. With the average store selling slightly over 200 pieces of intimate apparel per day, the total number of garments sold was around 200,000,000 a year, nearly 500,000 a day. The average garment cost 25 dirhams (about $25). So we were grossing 5000 talents (about $5 billion) per year, but of course, most of this sum went into wages, materials, rent, upkeep and other expenses. The facility on Lanzzar Avenue in Spranceld was overtaxed with this kind of production. So I decided to open a huge factory in New Ozgingd, a suburb north of Mecnita, along the banks of the Umzid River. I was hoping that the facility would be equipped to make 300,000 garments a day, which implied a staff of about 6,000 sempstresses. Our biggest items were panties and bras, which could be mass-produced conveniently enough. The more expensive items, such as peignoirs and gowns, took more time, but we got more money for them. Cissi's in New Ozgingd, which would also have a wholesale and retail sales area, would be around 10 acres in area, say, 660 x 660 feet, with two stories.  Thus there would be about 145 square feet per sempstress, that is, the equivalent of a room 12 x 12, which seemed more than adequate. New Ozgingd was a suburb with a large number of ultramodern factories, and Cissi's would fit right in. I invited Idificia and Rachetina, the mothers of the Gvagma Spiral, to prepare an estimate for Cissi's in New Ozgingd. They saw the plant, provided with all the latest equipment, as a 1000-talent undertaking. This is about $1 billion.

Cissi's in New Ozgingd was such an enormous project that I was very uneasy contemplating the risks that I faced, but Ajinblambia considered the endeavor worthwhile and salutary for the local economy, providing loan guarantees for any sums I should borrow to finance the facility. Thanks to these assurances from the King of Ung, my credit rating was upgraded to AAA by Usha, the directress of the Bank of Ung and chairlady of the Mecnita Stock Exchange. With an AAA rating, I would have no trouble whatsoever attracting investors. An initial public offering was held by the investment banking department of the Bank of Ung, and Cissi's in New Ozgingd, as the new factory would be called, was capitalized nicely in very few days.

The factory in New Ozgingd was scheduled to be in operation by year '402, though it was possible that certain areas inside the factory would be opened even earlier. I was happy with this, and, entrusting everything to Idificia and Rachetina, with an occasional inspection by Zevanardia, I returned to my other activities.

Because of the publicity enjoyed by the expansion of Gvagma to Dorgdid and Fwascren, I received inquiries from Gautsma and Psebol, Ung's 4th and 5th cities, as well as a few smaller cities on the continent of Eb and in Ungonesia. I received no inquiries from Qazudistan or any other countries on the continent of Ub. I delegated girls from the association to go to the cities making inquiries and carry on preliminary talks, resuming their parleys and reporting back to me in brief. By the time of the fifth annual  observance of King Ajinblambia Day, day 400, a first draft of a kingdomwide map of Gvagma was being drawn. I was tremendously elated. We had a beautiful King Ajinblambia Day in Gvagma Village. On this day the Pennant Games were in progress. Once again the Eldor Geese had failed to make the finals.

Naming Ajinblambia King of Ung, Queen Udi had surrendered her authority, and was now known as Queen Consort. By this was meant that her new role was as the companion, spouse and mate of King Ajinblambia. On King Ajinblambia Day, Ajinblambia announced that she had decided to accord the title of Queen Regnant to each of the six councilloresses of the Royal Council of Ung, the so-called Geese. This title was meant to indicate that each of the Geese had authority over a certain province or area of expertise. She would not be a ladylove or alter ego of the king, but a working officer. So I became Queen Sissy, Ministress of Arts. No longer would I be addressed as Dammina Sissy, that is, Madam Sissy. I would be Zhnan Sissy. Zhnan means Your Queenship. When I heard this I swooned. I literally fainted with delight. Barti quipped, "She rules the panty shops of the kingdom!" I guess she thought her aerospace facility was more important than my lingerie factory.

By year end, Nunu was talking fairly fluently. At an age when most little girls are managing a syllable or two, Nunu was declaiming whole paragraphs. She was so beautiful and intelligent that I could hardly believe that I had been so befriended of Lady Luck. My next question was when I should start teaching her to read letters and numbers. If she continued to display this precocious talent, I might think about teaching her to read in another year, say, late '401. In the meantime, I'd have Ezmeraudia really drill her on speech and comprehension.

At Gvagma Village, in the bookshops along Gallery Way, there were no books on children's speech development available. Most of our books concerned history, the arts and travel, or contained novels, essays and poetry. For books on children's speech, I would have to go to Zaggenwil's, a very prestigious bookstore on the campus of the University of Mecnita, or to the University of Mecnita Bookstore itself, also very prestigious. There would be no point in introducing such books in Gvagma Village, where most of the shoppers were interested in artistic wares, collectibles, curios and souvenirs.

Zaggenwil's was an enormous bookstore, eight stories tall, with a veritable labyrinth of aisles and alcoves. One could sit in an easy chair and look over a book she was considering buying. And there was a horde of cashiers and stock people milling around everywhere. The University of Mecnita Bookstore was equally awesome. I simply did not have the time to do all the searching and exploring that would be necessary to find the best books on children's speech development, with some books showing up, in  each store, in one department, and others in other departments. So I asked Zevanardia to go up to the Plembrust District to see what she could see at the two giant bookstores. This would be an all-day shopping trip. I had Marivanni take Zevanardia's calls and answer the ones she could, recording the ones she could not, so that the latter might be communicated to Zevanardia later. I had Zevanardia drive, instead of taking the metro, just in case she should find a treasure trove of books of the kind I wanted. It was around 40 miles from Ramdonia to Plembrust, most of which could be driven along northwest-bound Joprinx Expressway. Zevanardia and I had an elegant sports car, but usually relied on the metro. This was the way we had been brought up, using public facilities whenever possible. Moreover, the metro was usually faster. Though one might drive 200 miles an hour on the expressways, getting to the expressways was often slow, as ordinary streets had a speed limit of 40 miles an hour. Trains of the metro went as fast as 300 miles an hour, depending on inter-station distances. So if there wasn't too much walking involved in reaching a metro station, you could save time by just hopping aboard. The metro got as many as 10 times more passenger-miles per unit of energy expended than private automobiles, and hence our emphasis on this mode of transport.

Ezmeraudia was spending several hours a day trying to teach Nunu to read letters. In Ung, learning to read letters is no mean feat, for our alphabet consists of 328 letters. However, vowels, which number 288, occur in a number of tones, and the written symbols are distinguished from each other only by diacritic marks. I had a set of 328 little cubes, like toy building blocks, that bore the letters. Vowels distinguished only by tone  were on cubes of the same color. That feature simplified the task a little. Still, if you want to avail yourself of the lore and wisdom of Ung, you must pay the price by learning the language, called variously Nuu or Ungi. Ungi is a pseudo-English noun, formed on the analogy of Azerbaijani, Nepali, Swahili, Bengali and other earthly languages. Nuu is merely the official name of the language in a simplified spelling I have adopted. Actually, it should be Nu, with an unrounded, but nasalized, u, uttered in the level tone. I have used uu to compensate for lack of a better representation of the vowel. There is a semantic catch too. Nuu means, not the language of Ung, but a speaker of the language of Ung. This is further complicated by the fact that it is innumerate, and should really be translated one or more speakers of the language of Ung. This is important to the grammar of Ungi, as we say, not I speak Nuu, but I am Nuu. Joining am/is/are and Nuu into a single word, we have a verb, anuu (spelt thus for the nonce), to speak Nuu or to be Nuuphonic, with a transitive counterpart, lanuu, i.e.,  to speak Nuu to, as in I Nuued her, i.e., I addressed her in Nuu.

Nunu did seem to grasp the fact that Ezmeraudia was trying to get her to recognize the letters but Nunu was bewildered by the great variety. Fortunately for us, Ezmeraudia had great patience, and she was so pretty that Nunu loved her, fascinated by her red-lipped smile and twinkling blue eyes.

One morning, during our regular session, Ajinblambia reminded me that she had named me an Odalisque in her harem. This was a nominal, titular, honorary appointment rather than an injunction to provide amatory or erotic services at her whim. Still, she said, she expected me at least to pay a token visit to her harem, which occupied five stories of the northern oval of the palace, floors 16 through 20, at a height at which the diameter of the oval was  still nearly 1000 feet. Thus there was about 4,000,000 square feet of floor space for her 20,000 odalisques, as she called her harem girls. With so many odalisques, each enjoyed 150 square feet of living space, which amounted to a bedroom of decent proportions But, of course, there were also common halls, day rooms, dining rooms, cinemas and other amenities for the world's most nubile young ladies. The main elevators of the oval did not stop on the five floors of the harem, which communicated with each other by interior elevators and stairways to which only the residents had access.

Ajinblambia instructed me to take a day off from my regular activities and confine myself in the harem, as a gesture. I was to arrive in the harem at 3 Ungi (7:12 AM) and await the appearance of Ajinblambia herself at 7 Ungi (4:48 PM). So I'd have over nine hours to get acquainted with Vronecca and the other ladies of the harem. According to Ajinblambia, Vronecca reigned as Acting Mistress of the Harem, whenever Queen Udi was not present. Udi was Mistress of the Harem, but was rarely present. Vronecca was to be found on the 20th floor, where she had her throne.

When I arrived, entering the harem by typing my pin number on a keypad at the entrance on the 20th floor, I at once saw Vronecca, so magnificent that I almost fainted with incredulity and awe. She was as tall and majestic as a goddess, with a gorgeous face and an ample bosom. Her posture was upright and she had a slender waist with splendidly curved hips. I could hardly believe my eyes! I could see, however, a certain aloofness or disdainfulness in her expression, as if she was keenly aware of her own superbity. It had been explained to me that the etiquette of the harem was different from the etiquette of the court. Harem girls were much bolder, and more forward and lascivious, than ordinary young ladies. I was prepared for this I thought.

Vronecca was wearing a choli and a dupatta, revealing her lineaments very beautifully, and especially characteristic of the harem. She rose to her full 84 inches, with grandeur and elegance, intimidating me entirely. Suddenly she pulled her choli over her head, leaving her bosom exposed before my eyes. "My, they are forward in the harem!" I thought, but I tried to conceal my confusion and embarrassment.

"Well?" said Vronecca.

 "Well what?" I asked.

 "Well, aren't you going to give me a kiss?" said Vronecca.

 I looked up and reached my arms high, as if I would give her a little greeting kiss on the lips.

 "No, no," said Vronecca, "not on the mouth. Kiss me on the breast.

I was shocked. I had never met such wanton sexuality in my life. Still I didn't want to be written off as a naive ingenue, so I asked merely, "What? Without lotion?"

"Do you want to use lotion? Fetch her some lotion."

A lovely girl went running off, returning in five minutes with a jar of costly lotion and a little silver bowl. I filled the bowl, lapped up a mouthful, kissing and licking Vronecca's nipples, as she had instructed. I was scandalized. This was outrageous! This was preposterous! Despite those considerations, however, I had to admit that I loved Vronecca's erect nipples and large, shapely breasts. One could really have a lot of fun with them.

Finally, Vronecca seemed satisfied and put her choli and dupatta back on. Another lady, named Simdruga, asked, "Aren't you going to greet me too?"

 Vronecca wagged her finger at Simdruga, as if it had been presumptuous of Simdruga to want to be suckled too, when, after all, Simdruga had no special title or position in the harem. Finally, though, Vronecca said, "Oh, well! What's the difference? Go ahead."

Another young lady cried out, "I'm next!" All the girls present, about 20 in number, broke into laughter, Vronecca went along with the joviality, saying, "You're all going to have to line up."

 "Oh, no," I said to myself, but as it turned out, I should have said, "Oh, yes." I spent the whole day with a teat in my mouth.

In the afternoon, some of the girls threw me on a big bed, where they wrestled me and spanked me for about an hour. This was utterly incredible.

Ajinblambia showed up just in time to catch the girls tossing me around on the bed. She was very angry. "What are you doing to Queen Sissy? Are you molesting her?"

"Queen Sissy?" they all cried in unison, "since when is she Queen Sissy?"

"I have appointed her Queen Regnant of Ung, along with the other five counciloresses of the Royal Council of Ung. You could all be charged with lèse majesté for this wanton behavior."

I smiled at the harem girls triumphantly, but I certainly did not want anyone to be charged with lèse majesté on my account. I said to Ajinblambia, "Please, Milady, don't be so severe. They were only playing. Forgive them. They are basically good girls."

Ajinblambia acquiesced in this, but warned Vronecca and the others not to treat me with disrespect and not to lay hands upon my person again without my permission. Vronecca would continue as Mistrsss of the Harem, except when either Queen Udi or Queen Sissy was present, in which case Queen Udi or Queen Sissy would be Mistress. She presented me with a choli and a dupatta of silk and cloth-of-gold as emblems of my new dignity.

After this little scene, we resumed our usual bonhomie, with supper and convivialities till midnight. Someone even had the audacity, when she had gotten tipsy, to say in a jovial way, that the real motivation for Ajinblambia's outburst had been her jealousy. "She thinks she owns Queen Sissy--Queen Sissy, get that--and she gets mad as a hornet when somebody else gets too sweet with her."

I thought for sure that that remark would offend Ajinblambia terribly and that there would be an even bigger outburst, but I was totally wrong. Ajinblambia just laughed merrily, saying, "You bet I own Queen Sissy, so just watch your step."

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