Panties and Bras

Nepal and Tibet

Himalaya Mountains


August 3-10, 2010. I went with a touring party of nine--eight Europeans and myself--from Kathmandu, Nepal to Lhasa, Tibet.  The tour was led by Nepal Vision, Ltd. of Kathmandu. We drove in a full-sized bus for three days crossing the Himalayas to reach Lhasa, where we spent four days before flying back by Air China. Anyone interested in making a similar tour may contact Mr. Dolakh Thapa of Nepal Vision, Ltd. at or cell phones 977-9851-082484 and 977-9741-123924.

One of  Dozens of Waterfalls in the Nepali Himalayas

Another Breathtaking Nepali Waterfall

And Another

And Another.

Glacier in the Tibetan Himalayas

Kharola Glacier Marker at 18,241 Feet

Pointing the Way to Mt. Everest


Tibetan Man with His Yak

Yak Feeding

Bleak Tibetan Village at 12,000-15,000 Feet

Tibetan Hamlet under a Glacier

Tent Dwellers in the Tibetan Himalayas

Hovel at the Snowline

Kathmandu and Lhasa