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Juji and Zindra

Some years ago, when she had annexed the continent of Groms, Queen Juji began to rule the entire planet of Om. I, Garcti, was Queen Juji's prime minister and husband, and though I had asked her repeatedly to name me King, she had refused adamantly, saying she could rule by herself. I had merely resigned myself to her decision.

As for the newly-annexed continent, I informed Queen Juji that, earlier, when I had spent several months there, I met a fascinating, beautiful lady named Zindra, who had great knowledge of the affairs of Groms. I said it would be worth her while to invite Zindra to Gasiubal Palace. Juji at once saw the logic in this, and sent the invitation.

Four or five days later, Zindra arrived at Gasiubal Palace, around 5 PM, to tell the time in the earthly fashion. We asked Zindra to dine with us, and at dinner, it was obvious that Juji was really impressed with Zindra's great mind and beautiful features. I was not surprised that immediately after dinner, Juji told me just to go to my own suite, next to hers, as she wanted to carry on her conversation with Zindra.

I went home and read for a few hours. At 10, when I appeared in the doorway to Juji's bedchamber, where we always slept together, I saw Juji and Zindra seated on Juji's bed, attired in peignoirs and chemises. Juji told me to go back to my own suite again, as she had much more she wanted to discuss with Zindra, whom she had invited to sleep with her in her bed. Juji said that we'd all have breakfast together in the morning.

In the morning, at breakfast, Zindra said to me, "Garcti, Queen Juji has invited me to marry her and let her name me King of Om, and I have accepted."

"Oh," I thought, "Zindra will be King and I'll just be prime minister." But that supposition did not prove true.

Zindra continued, "Garcti, your marriage to Queen Juji will be annulled and your prime ministry abolished. Furthermore, you will undergo sexual reassignment so that you can be committed in perpetuity to Zilladi Nunnery as a nun."

"Committed in perpetuity to a nunnery!" I exclaimed.


"When will all this take place?" I asked.


As we rose from breakfast, a nurse appeared. "This nurse will lead you to surgery, Garcti," Juji explained.

On Om, thanks to our superb technological development, sexual reassignment is quick and there is no convalescence. One heals immediately. The nurse led me to surgery, despite my attempts to free myself from her amazingly powerful grip. I was put under anesthesia, and at noon I awoke. Looking in a mirror, I could see that I had been transformed. I now had a full bosom, broad hips, round buttocks, smooth skin and a lovely face.

The nurse helped me into a brassiere and a pair of panties, and led me to a reception room next to surgery. Inside, there was a nun, Sister Olivia, who said she'd take me to Zilladi Nunnery, as soon as I got dressed. She had brought a camisole, a petticoat, stockings, garters, shoes, a habit, a barbe, a coif and a wimple. Five minutes later, I was dressed as a nun. Sister Olivia drove me to the nunnery, and told me to sit in her office.

Now that I was a nun, I could officiate at weddings and coronations since, on Om, nuns administer all the sacraments. I was shocked to learn that Juji and Zindra had come to Zilladi Nunnery for the express purpose of having me marry them and crown Zindra King of Om. "You are a gorgeous nun," said Juji.

When the royal couple had left, Olivia came with someone she identified as a dentist, instructing me to go with her to the dental office. On Om, dentistry is also very speedy and no convalescence is required. At around 8 PM, I came out of anesthesia to learn that all my teeth had been extracted.

Olivia explained that they had made a special denture for me. It was an exact copy of my own teeth, except that the uppers and lowers formed a single monolith. They did not open at all. A vinyl balloon was attached to the back ot the denture. Olivia produced  a small pump with a tube that had a very slender valve on the end. This valve, about a sixteenth of an inch in diameter, could be inserted into the front of the denture through a barely visible hole. As it passed through the hole, it entered the balloon, separating two laminas of vinyl that Olivia said were adhesive and airproof.

Olivia then told me to open my mouth so she could put the balloon inside. I did so, and Olivia began to work the pump, so that I felt the balloon expand and saw in a mirror that my cheeks were bulging like apples.

Olivia pulled the valve out and the laminas closed and sealed, leaving the balloon expanded completely. I could see my new teeth in the mirror, even and beautiful, but, of course, I could not open my mouth, nor could I pull the balloon out. It was as firm and solid as a pomegranate.

"You must observe a canon of silence here in Zilladi Nunnery, and this device will prevent you from disobeying the rule."

It was 9 PM. Olivia said that I would have to wear the silencer every day from 6 AM till 9 PM, when she would lead me to my cell.

She led me to my cell and inserted a tube in the silencer, deflating it. I washed the silencer thoroughly, bathed myself, ate a supper of pap, and went to bed.

At 5:45 AM, Olivia was back, to install and inflate the silencer again. She said that it had been treated with disinfectants and anodynes, so that I would never have to worry about infection or pain. When I got used to it, I'd love it.

Around 6, I was led into a large room full of nuns. Olivia showed me to a special chair where she said I'd sit every day. She produced a wooden box, like a dresser drawer, four feet long, two feet wide and a foot high. There were two holes in the back. Olivia instructed me to insert my arms into the holes and sit in the chair, with the box before me. The box came to rest on the arms of the chair, and Olivia pushed it towards me all the way. She inserted bolts into holes that passed through the bottom of the box and the arms of the chair, and put nuts on them, on the bottom side, where I could not reach them.

So I was held snugly in place and could not rise from where I was seated. Olivia strapped my ankles to the legs of the chair. My hands were inside the box, and I could reach anything that should be put into the box, but Olivia had put bracelets around my arms, just above the elbows, and connected then to each other behind my back by means of a short chain

Olivia began to load the box with embroidery paraphernalia: hoops, frames, needles sharp and blunt, pins, tracing paper, pencils, floss and so forth. I was to embroider fifteen hours a day.

There were 1000 nuns in the embroidery shop. We turned out tons of the most beautfiul scarves, shawls, stoles, gowns, dresses, peignoirs, chemises and other sumptuous goods. Now I've been at it for 20 years, and I love it.

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