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Complete Outline of the Animal Kingdom with Pictures:
University of Michgan Department of Zoology Animal Diversity Web

Maps of Countries and Cities of the World:
University of Texas Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection

Profiles and Statistics about Countries of the World:
Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook

Encyclopedias of Astronomy, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry:
Wolfram Research

Extreme Temperatures in World Cities:
Maximiliano Herrera

Online Books in English and Dozens of Other Languages:
Project Gutenberg--Catalog

Dictionary of Computer Technology:

King James Version of the Bible:
Don Lemmon

Biblical Search Engine:
Bible Gateway

Currency Exchange Rates for Countries of the World: Universal Currency Converter

World Cities Distance Calculator:
Meridian World Data

Alphabets of Hundreds of Languages:

Longitudes and Latitudes of World Cities:
Stutz Family

Online scientific Calculator:

Online Matrix Calculator:

Brian Barbeito's Stories:
Story and Story

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