Panties and Bras

The Confrontation with Lorraine

An Autobiographical Sketch

I just read that a lady named Veronica Rothenhausler, an amateur athlete, knocked out Noelle Cherry, her opponent in a mixed-martial arts contest, in merely five seconds. This reminded me of a fight that I had with Lori Kent in 1963. Iíve pondered this fight ever since, and I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how Lori managed to knock me out almost immediately. I lasted five seconds at the very most.

Lori was 5í-2Ē tall and weighed 95 pounds. I was 5í-10Ē tall and weighed 160 or more. But the outcome of the fight was not based on sex, height or weight. Apparently, Lori, who danced ballet, was much stronger, braver and bolder than I. Anyway, I recall that she was wearing a white blouse with ruffles, a fitted gray wool flannel skirt, nylon stockings and black shoes with two-inch heels. She looked exactly like an office secretary of that era. She wore tights and leotard only on evenings when she danced.

We got into a bitter quarrel and I began abusing her verbally. She merely stood there impassively, glaring at me. She may have uttered a couple of words of annoyance or contempt.

I rushed her as if I would grab her and pick her up or shake her by the shoulders or perhaps even slap her. As I lunged towards her, with my arms stretched before me, she bent down quickly, slipped off her right shoe and knocked me out with a single blow. So five seconds into the fight I lay unconscious on the floor.

Even more puzzling was the fact that I didnít regain consciousness for 24 hours and that my head ached for a week. My name should be Noelle Cherry. It seems so appropriate!

Three years earlier, I had promised to obey Lori in all matters. I did not like the idea that anyone should feel obligated to obey me. I didnít want to be a burden to anyone. I decided, however, that I could put myself in a subservient position without any trouble. I had given Lori a signed pledge to obey her unquestioningly, and she had kept the paper. Actually, this had been a wonderful idea, because Lori was so much more sensible than I. Moreover, she seemed to love to be in authority Unfortunately, I did not live up to my promise as well as I should have. If I had, the fight would never have happened and Lori would not have knocked me out. I feel, under the circumstances that she had punished me justifiably. I was just amazed that she could do it so easily. Obviously, if she could knock me out with a shoe in five seconds, she could have strangled me with a stocking in another five seconds.

Several years later, around 1979, Lori invited me to a party in her apartment building, which had a ping-pong table in the basement. At the party she challenged several of the male guests to play. Invariably, they beat her with scores like 21-2 or 21-3. Lori hit the ball in high, slow, inane arcs that were easily struck down. I was chuckling inwardly at the play.

When Lori challenged me, I assumed it would be more of the same. But I found that I also hit the ball in high, slow, inane arcs. My serves were even more vulnerable and defenseless than hers apparently, for the score ascended to 5-0 in Loriís favor almost immediately. I was surprised, but of course, the game was not over. Next thing I knew, Lori was ahead 10-0, and I was scared. Then she went to 15-0. I played as furiously and desperately as I could, but Lori still beat me 21-0. She couldnít believe it and I couldnít believe it either.

Later, I rented an apartment in her building, and during my tenancy, Lori and I played about 10 games of ping-pong. I didnít keep records, but offhand Iíd say that the total score was something like 210-5 or 210-10 at the most. I mostly didnít score at all, and I had to consider my getting a single point as a good show.


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