Panties and Bras


Nambi and Pambi




Ajinblambia was so intelligent, superhumanly intelligent, that she had the ability to control her endocrine system voluntarily.  With this magnificent ability she could exude a personal fragrance at will, and the fragrance was musky and overpowering, sweet and flowery, or fresh and rainy, as she saw fit.


She had experimented with Queen Udi and had found a scent that Udi found absolutely irresistible.  Whenever Ajinblambia came within fifty feet of Udi, even if she was in the regal corridor and Udi inside her royal office, Udi would turn her gaze, toss her head and run to the door to receive her.  Udi was literally drugged by the perfume of the taller lady.  She was madly in love.


At first, when Ajinblambia came to Udi’s office, she would kiss Udi on the cheek.  Later though, she began to kiss Udi on the mouth.  Udi would throw her arms around Ajinblambia’s neck and they would exchange passionate kisses for 15 minutes at the threshold.


When I got jealous one day and objected to this rapturous, ecstatic sorority of lipstick kisses, Ajinblambia got angry and forbade me even to approach Udi in the future, regardless of the fact that I was Udi’s husband.


The next day, Ajinblambia gave me a whole chest full of white leotards, tights and miniskirts, instructing me never to dare wear anything else.  Furthermore, I was not to wear shoes around the palace; I had to wear ballerina slippers, laced crisscross about my calves. 


She also presented me with a very large white Angora pussy cat and a chain with two collars.  The chain was about a foot long.  Ajinblambia put the smaller collar around the cat’s neck and the larger collar about my neck, locking them both, and dissolving the key in sulphuric acid.  I had to clutch the large cat with both my hands and hold her to my bosom.


After that Ajinblambia bleached my hair a perfect white and had it set to look fluffy just like the Angora.  She fastened about my thighs a pair of garters furnished with a long white tail that curled out of my miniskirt about two feet.


The cat was very affectionate and I responded just as affectionately, stroking her and tickling her all day long.  When I was in a playful mood, if the cat meowed, I would imitate her meow as well as I could, as a friendly gesture.  Eventually, my imitation became so perfect that you could not tell my meow from hers.  Sometimes I would meow even without the cat’s having done so first.  Ajinblambia thought that this was very charming and amusing, so she hypnotized me, causing me to lose the ability to speak.  Thereafter, if I tried to utter anything other than a meow, my voice simply would not sound.  It was if my tongue had been paralyzed. 


I also learned to purr very convincingly, and sometimes when I sat on the floor, on my white satin pillow, with the cat at my bosom, I would find myself purring spontaneously in unison with her.   Ajinblambia called us the twins, Nambi and Pambi.


Now and then, Ajinblambia would bring catnip for Nambi, and Nambi would become very frolicsome and affectionate.  Nambi’s heightened affection aroused me and caused me to become more playful than usual.  Whenever I smelled the catnip, knowing what was about to happen, I would get all excited.  Eventually, I grew very sensitive, even addicted, to catnip.  Now and then, Ajinblambia would put a sachet of catnip at my nostrils for a lark, laughing at my exuberance as I hugged and kissed Nambi, rocking her in my arms.  Sometimes she would put the catnip at my nose only, giving none to Nambi, to see if I would react as enthusiastically as when she gave it to both of us.  Ajinblambia seemed delighted that I had acquired an irresistible appetite for the scent of this strange mint, boasting to Udi that she, Ajinblambia, had turned me into a cat.  When she heard this, Queen Udi was ecstatic with laughter.  She began to say, “Here, kitty, kitty,” whenever she saw me around the palace.  This was her merry new joke.


When Ajinblambia, Udi and I were together, Ahinblambia would hold the Queen spellbound with her beauty and her fragrance, with fiercely erotic kisses full of love, right before my eyes.  I would sit on a pillow on the floor in my white pantyhose, leotard and miniskirt, stroking Nambi, as excitedly as if I had taken some sort of supernatural opium.

Udi had never used my surname, Ganven, as her own, but now that Ajinblambia had appeared on the scene and won her devotion, Udi began to use Ajinblambia's surname, which was Vrikshaya. Everyone called her Queen Udi and spoke of the Vrikshayas as 'the royal couple'. Previously, she had been entitled Queen Regnant, by which it was understood that she ruled the Kingdom of Ung and the Planet of Nya. But she changed her title to Queen Consort, by which it was understood that she had ceded her powers to Ajinblambia, and contented herself with being her companion and sweetheart.


One day someone said, “Look at the Prime Minister!  All he does is parade around like a prima donna, fondling his white cat. I hear that he actually meows and purrs.”   I heard the words, but pretended not to understand.


Courtiers, guests and servitors in the palace would come up to me and pet Nambi.  Ajinblambia posted a notice in several places around the palace, informing everyone that I had decided to devote myself to my cat, that my marriage to Udi had been annulled, and that she, Ajinblambia, and Udi would marry.  People asked, "Will Nambi and Pambi marry too?"