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Nuu: Specimen Pages


Nuu is the English name of my language.  Below are two specimens, which are pages, one each from Chapter 18 and Chapter 24 of A Tale of Ung

For a detailed treatment of Nuu's vowels, see: Nuu's Vowels.  For consonants see: Nuu's Alphabet.


Page 18-3:



Translation of Page 18-3:

...valise of navy cowhide, and walked through the lobby of the Bank of Ung as if I’d been a magnate or tycoon. Usha met me at the door of her sumptuous, grand office, where I sat beside her at her desk in order to review my documents with her. Seeing Barti’s signature and seal on each drawing and each page of text, she nodded with apparent satisfaction.

Calling in a secretary, Usha ordered her to transfer fifteen talents to the Bank of Fwascren—one of the branches of the Bank of Ung—to establish an account there for my project, and bring back a booklet of demand drafts and withdrawal slips imprinted with my number and my name. She also furnished introduction letters, which would simplify my acquisition of the properties I needed and my recruitment of the people for my staff. I was pleased no end that I at last was ready to inaugurate my project. I put my drafts and introduction letters, signed by Usha in her own hand and carrying the Bank of Ung’s impressive letterhead—with a scutcheon of a lion rampant or upon a field of gules—in my valise, and I returned to Eldor Palace, where, detraining in the lilac, lavender and purple subway station, I rose in Udi’s elevator to her office. There I found her poring over heaps of books at her queensize walnut desk.

Of course, all along the queen had known I’d been working on my project, but I hadn’t kept her thoroughly apprised of all the details and minutiae. I was prouder than a peacock with my big valise, and Udi, seeing this, was pleased and smiled affably, if perhaps a trifle patronizingly. Pulling up an easy chair beside Queen Udi’s desk, I laid open my valise before her, showing her my drawings—ink on vellum—all projected orthographically, with perfect lettering and accurate dimensioning, each bearing Barti’s signature and seal. I showed her the thick booklet of especially imprinted checks and the blazoned letters...



Page 24-9:



Translation of Page 24-9:

...were transformed to love and adoration. The change that had been brought about at Shrongmoil Institute of Medicine enabled me to love the noble nun with confidence the purity of my fine sentiments and my affection would never be diminished by unchastity.

The walls that girt the nunnery about excluded all the outside world except the sky of peerless blue that always canopies the prairies of Dwesfesco. Fwascren, like Mecnita, straddles the equator, where all the seasons are alike. Cloudy days are seldom; sunshine is the rule. Now and then, a stork or two, a curlew or a pelican would overfly the cloister. Perhaps a godwit or a phalarope would wing its way on high. Sometimes towering clouds would huddle on the far horizon, gilded by the sun. But every day was a remembrance of the day before and a preview of the day to come. At night, I’d glimpse the old familiar constellations—Pojolfs, Cnascha, Dwadf and Zhrinx. But nights were just the leaves of a single tree, one the very pattern of another.

Day in, day out, I’d rise in silence, kneel in zhnanbad in the atrium an hour, work five Ungi hours, eat, retire and sleep soundly till it was time to rise again. I started counting days but soon lost track. I tried to guess but had no faith in my own guesses. Surely a good one hundred days had passed. I was looking forward with excitement to the day I’d take my final vows.

My devotion to the abbess deepened every day. In my poor eyes, Olezconia could do no wrong. And since the order was her order and the nunnery her nunnery, I began to feel esprit de corps surpassing even that which I had felt among the Kshaddi Geese...