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Nuu's Biological Tables




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List of Tables

Nuu's Taxonomical Code
Table 7661

Biological Taxa
Table 7662

Biological Kingdoms
Table 7663

Divisions of Plants
Table 767

Higher Clades of Angiosperms
Table 769

Orders and Families of Magnoliophytes and Pinophytes
Table 770

Classes of Minor Plant Divisions
Table 771

Common Names of Plants
Table 774

Phyla of Animals
Table 775

Classes of Chordates
Table 776

Orders of Birds
Table 777

Orders and Families of Birds
Table 778

Common Names of Birds
Table 780

Orders of Mammals
Table 781

Orders and Families of Mammals
Table 782

Common Names of Mammals
Table 783

Orders of Bony Fishes
Table 785

Orders and Select Families of Bony Fishes
Table 786

Common Names of Bony Fishes
Table 787

Superorders and Orders of Cartilaginous Fishes
Table 7881

Common Names of Cartilaginous Fishes
Table 7882

Orders of Reptiles
Table 7891

Common Names of Reptiles
Table 7892

Orders of Amphibians
Table 7900

Common Names of Amphibians
Table 7901

Orders of Jawless Fishes
Table 7911

Common Names of Jawless Fishes
Table 7912

Subphyla and Classes of Arthropods
Table 792

Orders of Insects
Table 793

Select Families of Insects
Table 794

Common Names of Insects
Table 795

Orders of Arachnids
Table 7961

Common Names of Arachnids
Table 7962

Orders of Malacostracans
Table 797

Common Names of Crustaceans
Table 798

Classes of Mollusks
Table 799

Classes and Orders of Mollusks
Table 800

Common Names of Mollusks
Table 802

Biological Number, Gender and Cohort
Table 803

Botanical Nouns in Apposition
Table 804

Plant Anatomy
Table 806

Leaf Shapes
Table 8062

Biological Adjectives
Table 810

Biological Verbs
Table 812

Common Commercial Animal Products
Table 8141

Common Commercial Plant Products
Table 8142

Gregarious Nouns
Table 817

Food and Drink
Table 818

Biological Nouns as Names of Food
Table 819

Common Names of Body Parts
Table 820

Additional Names of Animals' Body Parts
Table 8201

Derivatives of Names of Body Parts
Table 821

Parasynthetic Biological Nouns
Table 828

Anatomical Systems
Table 8301

The Skeletal System
Table 8302

The Muscular System
Table 832

The Circulatory System
Table 834

The Digestive System
Table 835

The Respiratory System
Table 836

The Reproductive System
Table 837

The Urinary System
Table 838

The Endocrine System
Table 839

The Integumentary System
Table 840

The Nervous System
Table 841

The Lymphatic System
Table 844

Anatomy-Specific Nouns
Table 846

Anatomical Prepositions
Table 847

Adjectives from Anatomical Prepositions
Table 849

Nuu's Code for ICD-10
Table 8511

Select Common Diseases
Table 8512

Grammar of Names of Diseases
Table 852

Genetics and Microbiology
Table 853

Amino Acids and Vitamins
Table 854



Image:Australian painted lady feeding.jpg


Australian Painted Lady (Vanessa kershawi)




Weeping Willow (Salix x sepulcralis)




Umbrella Cockatoo (Cacatua alba)


Image:Washingtonia robusta.jpg


Mexican Fan Palms (Washingtonia robusta)


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Australian painted lady:

Weeping willow:

Umbrella cockatoo:

Mexican fan palms: