Panties and Bras


Chapter 23


Cissi's Intimates was flourishing. Market capitalization was growing by leaps and bounds. I had enough money to buy the Royal Egrets, Mecnita's premier ballet company, and make it a department, replacing the dancewear department. Now Cissi's would sponsor ballets in Rosebush Stadium and in many of Gvagma's stadiums and volleyball courts that were beautiful enough for the thrilling new activity. With each performance, we would also sell tights, leotards, tutus, ballet slippers and other glamorous goods. In view of this, I decided to expand Cissi's Newsletter to include articles on ballet and also to take over the reportage of girls' volleyball from Obscont. Little did I know that within two or three years, Cissi's Newsletter would be Ung's foremost newspaper, displacing the staid old Obscont.
I also created a lovely website called The Nyatic website had a mirror site on planet Earth that used the same uniform resource locator. This website was chockfull of ladylike articles, including poetry, novels and photographs of nuns, queens, ballerinas, models, actresses and other interesting ladies. I reasoned that it was better to be too sissified than not sissified enough. The website was loaded with pictures of intimate apparel that one could view, admire, order or buy. The main article was called Gvagma, i.e., the present work. One critic said that Gvagma was  "an impressive lingerie advertisement." I guess that she read between the lines to understand that the dominant motif of the chronicle was the production and sale of intimates rather than the fortunes of the volleyball association, which she said I evaluated only in relation to how well they "sold panties." Each chapter of Gvagma had a coupon at the end with pictures of bras and panties and links to dozens more, along with some exciting slogans and mottoes. Of course, economic considerations made it mandatory for me to place my emphasis on intimate apparel, because intimate apparel was an important money-maker for us. Nor did I see appreciation of intimate apparel as an inappropriate pastime. The website featured music too. What could be more delightful than listening to a sonata or a concerto while viewing stylish lingerie?
As I mentioned, the case of the Pertenasi Pantheresses, formerly known as the Frifna Pantheresses, brought to my attention that my efforts to expand Gvagma and Cissi's had brought no response from Ub, the dark continent. Ilocanga, the Pantheresses' homeland, was a small country west of Qazudistan, in Ub. I thought that having the Pantheresses play there might wake an interest in volleyball in the vicinity. I selected their team and 19 other leading teams with good-looking players. Then Zevanardia and several captainesses and I sat down in Gvagma Tower, in a conference room with a long oak table, to discuss schedule revisions that would facilitate my plans to bring girls' volleyball to Ub. What we did was revise volleyball schedules already published so that, in a 91-day period, each of the teams would play each of the other teams. These would not be additional games, but would be integrated with the regular schedules of the Old Chiliad. The difference would be that the teams would be playing in various cities around Ub instead of their home courts. As I said, each team would have to fly from city to city, so we wanted to minimize successive distances flown, carefully selecting itineraries.
Some cities with which I had experience were Bihaka, Osh, Dilulabad, Ujjama, Dilfatty, Qizilot and Mointna, but we would need more than just a random selection if we wanted to maximize possible attendance and find the most commodious, sightly venues for our games. I considered the Ilocanga game of primary importance, because the story of the Pantheresses was widely known. I was hoping that our generous treatment of Vlijanna, Ordzhozi, Mstivi, Chlapa, Endorfu and Conavash would build goodwill towards Ung, towards Gvagma and towards Cissi's.
Because of my obligations to Ajinblambia and Udi, my administrative work and my attention to Nunu's speech development, I would not be able to go to Ub for an extended period. I decided to appoint Zevanardia, my spouse and darling, who was also Assistant High Maid of Gvagma, to lead the expedition to Ub, administering the games and travels, and monitoring results. Zevanardia was a shapely young lady with shoulder-length blonde hair and fair complexion. She was tall, erect, sleek and athletic. She was and had been the captainess of the Queshganc Quails, who played at the Covey, their mini-stadium in Queshganc, a district 50 miles due east of Eldor. Zevanardia lived with me in Bo House, but the other Quails lived in the clubhouse at the Covey. Of course, Zevanardia could take it for granted that if I should choose anyone to lead the expedition in my stead, it would be she, but she acted flattered and honored anyway. Although the Quails were one of the leading teams in the Old Chiliad and might well have been selected as one of the 20 teams that would play exhibition games in Ub, this would have imposed a double burden on Zevanardia, so it was agreed that the Quails would stay and play in Mecnita, with another girl substituting for Zevanardia.
While these deliberations were going on, I decided to go to Cissi's in Piljandar, which was in the Swannery, the clubhouse of the Piljandar Swans. The Swans' captainess was Ellennamandia, who had just come from Dorgdid, where she had been consulting with Vranquelli and Innavella about the formation of Gvagdo. Ellennamandia would be returning to Dorgdid in just a couple of days, after one of her scheduled games in Mecnita. I wanted to find out how the parleys were going.
I was wearing a stylish peignoir and chemise set with a sash, clocked stockings and low shoes. In bygone years, one hardly saw ladies attired in peignoirs and chemises outdoors, but I had been promoting the adoption of this new look, which had gained popularity in Mecnita over the previous four or five years. Now it was nothing unusual to see a lovely lady gliding along a sidewalk in a silky gown with touches of lace at the throat and cuffs. I personally was completely accustomed to the new look by now.
I went by metro and detrained at Swusha Park in Piljandar. Swusha is pronounced Swoosha. This is the park whose lagoon is visited by the swans after whom the volleyball team is named. It was just two blocks from the station to the Swannery, and as I walked I would pass before Holy Armalissa's, a convent associated with the Defdefan Order of nuns, an age-old, ultra-conservative religious sorority in Ung. When I reached the convent, a nun came running out and told me that I was unsuitably attired for appearing in public.
"No, no," I explained, "this is the new style."
"Appearing publicly in your underwear is not the new style. It is a sin."
"Don't be silly," I replied, "La mode c'est moi. I am fashion. I am the doyenne of fashion in Mecnita."
"This is an affront to the deity. You are breaking the laws of Heaven."
"Oh, poppycock! I don't care about your deity."
"I'll break your arm for that blasphemy!" she exclaimed, as she rushed up, grabbed my wrist and twisted my arm behind my back. I screamed and several passers-by came running to see what was happening. The nun disappeared into the convent quickly. 
I continued to the Swannery, but it was obvious that I was in pain. Ellennamandia inquired. I told her I had tripped and fallen, so she led me to a lady doctor a few doors down. The lady doctor checked, reporting that I had not broken my arm, but had only sprained it, so I had to wear a sling for about a week. I told everyone I had  fallen. I did not want to admit that I had been assaulted and battered by a nun. It was just too embarrassing.
Despite this unfortunate incident, the meeting with Ellennamandia was fruitful. She had good news from the second city, with negotiations going ahead nicely.
I contemplated bringing a lawsuit against Holy Armalissa's but rejected the idea, fearful lest the news leak out and make a laughingstock of me.
In due time, Zevanardia, the captainesses and I had produced a revised schedule. Twenty teams would be sent to Ub, each to play every other  at intervals of 5 days, the whole tour to last 91 days. This would coincide with the Oriflamme Games of the New Chiliad, which we didn't want to disrupt. The Oriflamme Games would be played in Rosebush Stadium and a couple of other suitable stadiums around Mecnita. Therefore we sent only teams of the Old Chiliad, which would be in mid-season at that point in time. In addition to the Pertenasi Pantheresses, we planned to send the Onjmo Rubythroats, the Shuva Hornets, the Anjmanj Dolphins, the Corlamarn Pennies, the Zipno Fireflies, the Devanasc Damasks, the Chanzli Tits, the Plembrust Nightingales, the Anavana Fuchsias, the Spranceld Swallowtails, the Clascar Statues, the Krilian Ladybirds, the Otomolo Sprites, the Azza Honeybees, the Trandi Swifts, the Cadcad Hurricanes, the Egshirvazi Comets, the Dachno Nuns and the Ulmla Bakers. We could not include the Piljandar Swans or the Ramdonia Roses, because Ellennamandia and Rubia, like Zevanardia, were tending to other affairs of Gvagma's,  as I've related, but otherwise  both teams, like the Queshganc Quails, would have been entirely eligible for the exhibition circuit on the basis of merit. The poor Eldor Geese, stuck with me, would never have qualified, but our team was more of a showpiece than a genuine athletic organization. Although the Pertenasi Pantheresses were a newly constituted team, they fell in the Old Chiliad because they had merely taken the place of the Pertenasi Peonies, who were being transferred to Dorgdid, as the Daccarolling Peonies. Daccarolling is a suburb of Dorgdid.
Our next chore was to select cities to play in. We'd play 190 exhibition games in  perhaps 20 Ubbic cities, which meant that each city would host nine or ten games at  8 to 12 day intervals, more or less. To start, teams would be paired and fly jointly to their destinations. For example, the Pertenasi Pantheresses would begin their tour with a game against the Azza Honeybees in Disparhav Stadium in Disparhav, Ilocanga, the Pantheresses' hometown. They'd fly in the same succession of flights from Mecnita. Thereafter, the Azza Honeybees would fly out, to their next port of call. We expected the Pantheresses to play a number of games in Disparhav, so maybe they would remain in town 11, 16 or 21 days at the start, then fly out, flying back later to finish in Disparhav.
Among the nine provinces participating in the leviathan desalination and reclamation projects in the west of Ub, we chose four cities as good places to site volleyball games. These were Qizilot in Tuva, Urumuj in Tensan, Horgosh in Jongaria, and Uvsnaatar in Oirad. In the north of the Ubbic continent, we chose Futsugawa the capital of Tsumufuchi, Fai Kwa the capital of  Ong Pang, Snegga the capital of Paltievsk, Kholodsk the capital of Ceveristan, and Donkers the capital of Aigenshlink. These were in provinces that were once independent countries. In Qazudistan proper, the large country in Ub, we chose Dilulabad, Dilfatty, Bihaka, Ujjama and Ujnala. We selected Osh in Memleket Ghasb. Mointna the capital of Poinavoinen was a logical choice. Along the southern coast west of Qazudistan, we chose Razentab in Truk, Tvlana in Gurgen, and Dimisk in Shansa. Disparhav made twenty.
To sum, we listed: Qizilot, Urumuj, Horgosh, Uvsnaatar, Futsugawa, Fai Kwa, Snegga, Kholodsk, Donkers, Dilulabad, Dilfatty, Bihaka, Ujjama, Ujnala, Osh, Mointna, Razentab, Tvlana, Dimisk and Disparhav.
In order to make this selection, we had had to send a scout to survey the condition of each city and the kind of facilities available for our contests. Once we had satisfied ourselves that a particular city was deserving of inclusion in our exhibition itinerary, we had to contact the local authorities. Some of these were male. Ub still lagged in that respect, but we dealt with them as tactfully and understandingly as possible. Male or female, they unanimously approved of our plans, and contracts were drawn up. We were generous, as we were not seeking immediate profits, but had our eyes on long-term gains we expected to come about if we got a good start.
You might think, judging by their name, that the Azza Honeybees were little girls, sweet and cute, but they too were tall and statuesque, a worthy match for the Pantheresses. Their uniform consisted of a choli or bra top, rather than a leotard, so that their midriffs were bare. The uniform had also a cheerleader's skirt with self panties. The top and the skirt had horizontal black and yellow stripes. The top had elbow-length black sleeves. Black tights instead of white knee socks were worn. Sneakers were black rather than white. So they did look like large bees, angry and ready to sting. The game between the Pantheresses and the Honeybees was played on day 148 of the year in Disparhav, while all the other opening games were played on day 150. This was a deliberate schedule irregularity that we introduced. Worldwide attention was focused on this particular game, and we did not want it to share the limelight with nine other games. It was a dramatic, sensational game that the Pantheresses won 25-24. They were impressive and imposing, like real Pantheresses.
Zevanardia was the highest-ranking official in the whole exhibition campaign, so of course she was present at the Pantheresses' game with the Honeybees. Moreover, she knew the six Pantheresses personally from their visit to us in Bo House. Jozi, a reporter from Obscont, was there too, and so was Gwilda, the reporter-photographer for Cissi's Newsletter. Everyone was merry and joyous, even the Azza Honeybees, despite their loss. They figured they'd make up for it in the other games they'd play in Ub, returning to Eb as high in the standings as before, if not higher. I saw a video of the Pantheresses, happily, excitedly embracing each other, running from one to another of their teammates, their black silk tails flying in the air as they whizzed about. Now finally they were being jovial, good-natured young ladies, and I was pleased, feeling that I had done my bit to guide them along the right path.
The Honeybees flew south almost immediately, to Mointna, Poinavoinen, where they'd have their next game a few days later. In the meantime, they'd be able to do some sightseeing. The Pantheresses remained in Disparhav for 2 more games over a 11-day period. Then they too flew out, to Kholodsk, Ceveristan, almost due north. There were repeated shiftings all about the Ubbic continent. Coverage in newspapers and on television was very good, and ladies everywhere viewed the games with interest, not to say envy. Envy was the emotion that drew me to the screen. "Why, oh why, do I have to be such a clumsy cow on the court?" I kept asking myself. "Maybe that's why Ajinblambia put horns on me," I answered self-effacingly.

...the mammoth desalination projects...

We scored major successes in Ujjama, Bihaka and Qizilot. The story of the famous game between the Kshaddi Geese and the Ujjama Cranes, 15 years earlier, had become something of a legend in Gangawar province, and though Ujjama was a smallish city, people came flocking in to see the game between the Zipno Fireflies and the Krilian Ladybirds that we staged there. Everyone in the vicinity was very enthusiastic in view of Ujjama's germinal role in Gvagma. Bihaka, the capital of Qazudistan, was very responsive, because Ung had played a key role in undoing the Jvashnaic theocracy under which the Qazudis had dwelt. Qizilot was the base of operations for the mammoth desalination projects that Queen Udi had begun and that King Ajinblambia was continuing. Thus Qizilot felt a special bond to all things Ungian, and this manifested itself in enthusiasm for Gvagma's beauteous goodwill ambassadresses.
I discouraged publicity about the part I played in rehabilitating the Pantheresses. First of all, I disliked being cast in the role of a social worker or philanthropist. I saw myself as the directress of Gvagma, Gvagma Village and Cissi's, that is, as an artist and entrepreneuse of entertainment, fashion and beauty. This is the field in which I excelled, and that is exactly as I wanted it. Secondly, I thought it premature to speak of the rehabilitation of the Pantheresses. Let their new tack continue for a couple of years before hailing the reformation. I would look foolish if, six months later, they should recidivate. Naturally, I was all in favor of their new leaf, but let it grow to maturity.
Asked if I would extend a similar helping hand to Rohopt and Frishdara when they were released from prison, I said I doubted it. Rohopt and Frishdara were the owners of the notorious Miervin Society that I had been instrumental in dissolving in '391. They were elderly and unrepentant. Their lives were drawing to a close. Why should I get involved? But who knows? I cannot foretell the future, even my own course in the future. Attitudes and moods change. One's mindset shifts. New information appears. We're an illogical group, we representatives of Macs ogashta.
The last games of the exhibition tour in Ub were played on day 240, long after the Oriflamme Games in Mecnita had ended and the New Chiliad's new season had begun. All the girls flew back to resume their regular schedule in the City of Ladies and Lady of Cities, Mecnita. Although they had found the various Ubbic vistas interesting and informative, most were delighted to be home again. Certainly Zevanardia was glad. I had Shvampronx drive me to Jezgroid Airport to meet her, as I knew she had quite a bit of baggage. It was good to be in her arms again.
Zevanardia and I threw a gala party for the Pantheresses at Bo House, insisting that they come in their elegant volleyball uniforms so that we could show them off to our friends, all of whom had seen the games on television. The party was a real success. We had Rose Verandah I cater the affair. They served prime rib with baked potatoes in sour cream with chives. Later we had red bordeaux wine along with tuco, Ung's supercoffee.
A number of teams appeared spontaneously in Ub in the remaining days of '401. For the most part, they were too few and too ill-organized to unite in leagues, but it was a start. Bihaka, the largest metropolis on the Ubbic continent, was exceptional. By year-end, Bihaka's girls' volleyball teams were in the first stages of coalescing into a genuine league, on the pattern of Gvagma, if much smaller. This was gratifying to me. Also, Bihaka was where I had first met Ajinblambia, so there were sentimental reasons for my attachment too.
I kept stressing to Zevanardia, Idificia and Rachetina that I was really eager to see the Gvagma Spiral complete and in operation. Although they nodded their heads and agreed in a perfunctory way that completion was desirable, I didn't seem to be able to rouse the sense of urgency that it would take to get things done. So I went to Ajinblambia and told her of my generally ineffectual attempts to inspire more enthusiasm. She said she would take the matter up at once. The very next day, the three ladies were called into Ajinblambia's office for a lengthy session. You should have seen them after that. They fairly hopped about the construction site, overseeing, prompting and urging the women working on the project. You could see the difference. Zevanardia wagged her finger at me, as if I had been a tattle-tale, but, of course, she knew I loved her, so there was no real disaffection.
The Gvagma Spiral was indeed in operation by the end of year '401, but I'm getting ahead of myself. There were many other noteworthy events in the second half of the year, so let me take a few minutes to chronicle them too.
We decided to build Rose Verandah III near the entrance to the Gvagma Spiral, in the western corner of Gvagma Village, which, as you may recall, was set at 45 degrees to latitudes and longitudes, with its main walk leading to Gvagma Tower collinear with the corridor passing through 7 Ramdonia Circle. We were surmising that the Gvagma Spiral would be a big attraction and thought it would be a handsome touch to have a Rose Verandah nearby, with the same fare as Rose Verandah I and II. Again Amponia and Lidia prepared the design, and Iligancia oversaw decoration, all of which were nearly the same as for the other two Rose Verandahs.
I had been in touch with Queen Shandra and Vice Queen Dovina of the Kingdom of Ufzu on Mli, the moon. Also I had had quite a few conversations with Iljidia, a lady whom Shandra had appointed to carry on the daily communications between Nya and Mli. I surely didn't want to bother Shandra for every little trifle, though from time to time I had lovely conversations with her. I had told her all about the Gvagma Spiral and also about the robot chorus girls who were on the point of premiering in Gvagma Robot Theater. I sent her some videos by solid color astrofax, wondering if the videos would work on Mli or whether they would be totally inert facsimiles, like statues of ladies. You can imagine my amazement when Iljidia reported that, when they took the videos from the fax machine, they worked like charms. "How do they do these things?" I found myself wondering.
Queen Shandra was so captivated by the videos that she promised to return to Mecnita right after the beginning of year '402. I understood that I would have to practice equitation, for surely Shandra would want to ride with me down Mecnita's bridle paths, and I was not eager to look as inane as I had the last time. In one of our conversations, Shandra told me about Queen Mer Elicsi, Queen of the Kingdom of Vrandz. Queen Mer Elicsi was the dear friend of Queen Shnadra ever since Shandra had enabled her to ascend the throne of Vrandz, deposing the evil King Enk, who had ruled Vrandz for decades.
"Why don't you introduce me to Queen Mer Elicsi?"
"We usually call her Queen Mer."
"Well, why don't you introduce me to Queen Mer? Is she affable? Will she deign to speak to a mere commoner like me?" I didn't mention the fact that Ajinblambia had nominated me as a regnant queen, Queen Sissy, a title that I considered merely honorary.
"A mere commoner like you! Gvagma is probably a bigger kingdom than Vrandz. But to answer your question, Queen Mer is very affable. She's a living angel and would be glad to meet you."
"Why don't we hold a conference call on astrophone? I'd feel much better if you were mediating and monitoring."
Queen Shandra said, "Very well, let me arrange all, and call you back tomorrow morning, Mecnita time. How does that sound?"
"Good," I said, as I withdrew my screen into its pocket on my phone.
One may wonder why I speak of Queen Shandra and Queen Mer Elicsi but of the Kingdom of Ufzu and the Kingdom of Vrandz. Of course I might have referred to the two realms as the Queendom of Ufzu and the Queendom of Vrandz, but this would be a mere affectation in translation. The Ungi word tae means kingdom, queendom, realm, state, government, country or nation. I have used the spelling tae as a makeshift. The vowel is a monophthong, a rounded counterpart of the a in hat, but in the level tone. Since kingdom seems to be the preferred word in English, I have conformed to usage. A word like tae may receive any of a number of infixes, e.g.: tlae--land owned by a kingdom; twae--a citizen of a kingdom; tngae--an employee of a kingdom; etc. Here ng is as in sing. Incidentally, Ungi words for king and queen are zhkae and zhnae. In these cases, monophthongal ae is as in tae, except that it is nasalized. Zh is like French j, and k is like Arabic qaf. Until Ajinblambia's time, zhkae had been used only for males, and zhnae only for females. Ajinblambia was the first lady who styled herself zhkae. This was intended not only to indicate enhanced power but also to enable Udi to continue as zhnae. This might suggest that they were married to each other, and so they were.
The next morning Queen Shandra, Queen Mer and I had a long, fascinating conversation on astrophone. Queen Mer gave me a resume of Vrandzian history, making much of Shandra's role in helping her topple King Enk. Shandra got involved when King Enk invaded Ufzu. Appealing to Ajinblambia, Shandra was able to offer decisive assistance to Mer, who became Vrandz' first queen after a long succession of kings that could not be called beneficial. Ever since then, Shandra and Mer had been the dearest of friends. I wondered if I might be allowed to call Queen Mer on my own initiative. "Call me at any time whatsoever, dear Sissy. I've really enjoyed our little electronic tête-à-tête, and I'm really impressed with what you seem to be doing in Mecnita."
And so it came to pass that for the rest of the year, I talked with Queen Mer frequently. She wanted to know all about Ung, and about my own enterprises. In return, she kept me posted on goings-on in Emshcro, the capital of Vrandz. This was an older, smaller city in the throes of modernization. I told Mer about Zevanardia and Nunu, about Bo House and my special relationship with Ajinblambia. I astrofaxed her copies of the three volumes of Ajinblambia's biography that I had composed. She had never met Ajinblambia, but knew her only second-hand through Shandra.
I was really pleased with the beautiful lunar queen, and was considering inviting her to accompany Queen Shandra to Mecnita in early '402. I decided to bring it up with Shandra first. That gracious lady gave her approval of course. So it was done. I had Shandra set up another conference call on astrophone, and we three discussed it together. I made the invitation and Queen Mer accepted, apparently delighted.
In all this time, Ezmeraudia kept dragging and nagging Nunu to get her to learn more and more. The effort was paying off, as Nunu was beginning ever more to justify her having been nicknamed the Prodigy of Ramdonia. Not yet two years old, she was reading nursery rhymes and fables about animals who uttered moral sooth for children, but I was inclined to think that she was ready for something more advanced. I had Ezmeraudia go to Zaggenwil's to see if she could find some books on the history and geography of Ung for younger readers. Also I suggested getting some primers on arithmetic so we could get the baby counting. Ezmeraudia came back with a bag of books, some maps and pictures, and a small calculator.
Until this time, Ecoflasc and Oaslamd, the two neurologists from the Department of Neurosciences of the University of Mecnita had been administering small dosages of glycoserotonin to Nunu. Glycoserotonin was the neurotransmitter found in the nervous systems of the talking babies of Pi'i among whom Nunu had learned to speak so early. However, Dizzelmornit, another neurologist from the department who'd gotten involved, was developing a procedure that would enable them to intervene in Nunu's nervous system with corrective routines whereby she would begin to secrete glycoserotonin without the aid of pharmaceuticals. This, of course, would stand her genius on a sounder footing. I was blazing with enthusiasm, but they told me it would be late in the year or early the next year before they could judge better on this new approach. "You'll just have to be patient," they said.
In subsequent conversations with Queen Mer, I learned that volleyball did not exist in Vrandz. But she said she had watched the videos and loved it, "Something like ballet with a scorekeeper," is how she put it. She said that she loved sports and would like to learn to play volleyball while she was visiting in Mecnita. It was already getting late in the year, and the Pennant Games were in progress. The Old Chiliad's new season would begin on day 0 of '402, but Shandra and Mer were planning to arrive a few days after that.
I had a splendid idea. "Why don't I invite Shandra and Mer to come a few days before year-end so that someone can teach Mer to play volleyball by the beginning of the new season? Then I can sideline myself and let Mer substitute for me for the duration of her stay." I could have taken this decision myself, but, knowing that Ajinblambia liked to be in on everything, I took it up with her. Ajinblambia loved the idea. "Now the Eldor Geese may have a chance," she teased.
I called Queen Shandra again and asked her to arrange another conference call on astrophone. I formally invited Shandra and Mer to fly to Mecnita on Photon X, which was scheduled for day 410 of year '401, and I explained that I had persuaded Ajinblambia to let Mer Elicsi play for the Eldor Geese while she was in Mecnita. I would stand aside for a welcome vacation and let the lunar queen try her hand. Shandra and Mer were pleased no end with my suggestions and accepted at once. So it was done. I didn't know how well Mer Elicsi would play, but she certainly would look glamorous in the red tights and leotard, the red cheerleader skirt with self panties, and the white knee socks and sneakers that were the famous uniform of Ung's palatine team, the Eldor Geese. I could hardly wait to see Mer Elicsi on our playing court at Eldor Palace.
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